January 8, 2010

The waiting!

...Is great! Is terrible! Is exciting! Is too many adjectives and too many exclamation points.

We’re waiting to hear back from schools for husband’s PhD applications. Could hear next week from our top school.

Yesterday, and I think on Tuesday, the days dragged on, I was not dealing well with the stress, and was just overly anxious.  Today, I'm mellow, smiling, and decidedly better perspective-ing.  Everything will work out great.  I think because the year has been nutso that I'm not in the most positive of perspectives.  And as my brother pointed out (and I think 60 or so other people have pointed out), either we're going or we're not going, and God knows anyway, so why worry? 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – not bad. The days have been easier. Last night, husband and I went out to dinner, just the two of us. It’s been almost 3 weeks since we’d gotten to do that, what with the holidays and travelling. It felt like old times, when life was mellow-er, and was just so good to talk, laugh, and eat quiche and sweet potato fries. Food for the soul!

I figure that in the next week, I’ll tackle some fun and menial projects, like updating my Vista to Windows 7 (hurray, inexpensive license from work!), moving some stuff out of the tiny condo to a new 5’x6’ storage unit, walking the puppy, random web browsing, lots of movie watching.

I’ll tell you what I won’t be doing:

Looking at Waco housing prices.

Looking at Milwaukee housing prices.

Checking email every 10 minutes (I’ll keep it to, say, every 15 minutes – they notify candidates of admission via EMAIL. It’s strange how technology has reduced some of the greatest notifications in life to an EMAIL! I guess it’s better than US mail, which can take an unnecessarily long time to arrive?)

Dyeing my hair or thinking of dyeing my hair (too blonde! Story to follow later).

Talking about schools, applications, deadlines, anticipated decision dates, besides the occasional, casual update to folks who actually ask. I feel terrible for the people who have asked me how I’m doing this week. They were inundated with school talk. At least I stopped when their eyes began to glaze over... I think!

Drinking too much caffeine – this does not aid in the relaxing.

Anyway, here's the helpful biblical principle of today - whatever you sow, you reap.  Sowing crazy (thoughts, anxious thinking, etc.) will reap crazy.  Sowing mellow will reap mellow.  Sowing cheeseburgers will reap yummy tummy. 

Happy Friday, and even Happier Weekend!!

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  1. Wow, good luck to you guys. It will work out for the best.

    Email notifications for acceptance to a program DO seem weird. I still don't really take email seriously.