April 30, 2010

Good news and Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

So, who likes good news?

Or babies?

If you like either, you'll like me.

We're just a tiny bit pregnant. I say a tiny bit because we're just six weeks along, but that's enough for me (obviously) to tell the world. And since my father already announced it on his adventure blog I figured, ah, what the heck. And shoot, husband put it on Facebook!

Sooo.... feeling fine, just super tired and whiny all the time. And retaining every drop of water I consume.

That's it for now.

Until I have a better attitude and am less bloated, I leave you with an inevitable laugh from Terry Tate, Office Linebacker -


And hurray for us and tiny little Small Pea (Week 6 size)!  Next week, you can call her Blueberry.



  1. Congrats again! Did you notice that you called the baby a "her"? Do you think it is a little Princess?

  2. Yahoo! Exciting times. Don't worry about the bloating, just enjoy that the fact that you get to wear Thanksgiving pants for 9 months...it's awesome! I even got away with wearing flip flops to work because my feet were too fat. And the perks just keep on coming. Enjoy all the fussing and special treatment. Looking forward to seeing you soon!