January 25, 2010

Mr. Scary Pants Doberman Who Lives in a Condo

So, do you have anything that looks like this living near your humble abode?

I came downstairs a few weeks ago for church Sunday morning. 

Waiting at the bottom was Mr. Scary Pants Doberman Who Lives in a Condo. 

My gosh.  He stared me down unlike any dog has ever done before.  I froze.  His owner, a half-asleep guy with pajamas yawned and text-messaged while I just about fell down the last ten stairs.  I have not been so intimidated by a dog EVER. 

I wish I had taken a photo... but what provokes a dog like this?  I haven't found a photo on google of a doberman looking like he looked at me.  I don't think that people who take photos like that live to blog about it though. 

Anyhoo.  I saw a native species on Amy's blog and felt inspired to share this petrifying moment of my life.

Mr. Scary Pants Doberman Who Lives in a Condo just seems to have that look though.  Not his fault he has teeth... and an expression that would melt your belly fat off.  For lack of a better expression.   When you're used to a face like this one -

You sometimes forget that there are more, shall we say, larger teeth, fangs, fearesomeness in the world. 

Most of the dogs near our condo complex look like this:


or even -

....... Mr. Doberman really does not get a lot of love in our neck o' the woods.  I've seen people skirt around him like he was.....  a big, mad, scary looking Doberman.

So while looking for the picture of my puppy with a tennis ball - maybe the worst photo of him that I have, but the ears!  The tennis ball!  So cute!  I found this photo -

Ha ha :)  Don't know why I find this photo I took at the San Diego County Fair last year so dang funny.


  1. Yeah, dobermans freak me out too. There were two in my neighborhood growing up and I was always scared they would bite my face off. Weird that the owner would have a dog that big in a condo--don't they need more room to like, roam and stuff? Maybe that's why he looks so pissy!

    And chocolate covered bacon--I would've thought you'd only see a sign like that in the South! Wow. I wonder who thought that was a good idea!

  2. I, for one, think chocolate-covered bacon is a great idea - especially if it's deep fried! Maybe that's why I have a weight problem.

  3. Ha ha :) You two are funny! Maybe chocolate covered bacon could be that surefire way to keep the doberman dog away from me if push came to shove!