April 30, 2010

Good news and Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

So, who likes good news?

Or babies?

If you like either, you'll like me.

We're just a tiny bit pregnant. I say a tiny bit because we're just six weeks along, but that's enough for me (obviously) to tell the world. And since my father already announced it on his adventure blog I figured, ah, what the heck. And shoot, husband put it on Facebook!

Sooo.... feeling fine, just super tired and whiny all the time. And retaining every drop of water I consume.

That's it for now.

Until I have a better attitude and am less bloated, I leave you with an inevitable laugh from Terry Tate, Office Linebacker -


And hurray for us and tiny little Small Pea (Week 6 size)!  Next week, you can call her Blueberry.