January 22, 2010

Interesting. Okay, not so interesting!

Lately?  Me?

Well, I've -

almost run out of See's lollipops from Christmas

almost forgot it had even been Christmas

found out I gained about 5 pounds from Christmas

decided that we were too good for sucky ol' you know where anyway

decided i want to go north or east for school

bought a home 60 hr tax course

got a Roth IRA

my dad came to town!  Will stay until Feb 15 in his really decked out (DirecTV satellite thingy, etc) RV a mile or two away from us. 

gained in the stock market

lost in the stock market

discovered that I read too much

...but I don't read enough

found pictured of my puppy when he was tiny, and pictures with him now -

and all in all have had a good first three weeks of 2010.

Had an amazing time in Hawaii for Christmas this year. 

It's good to be home.

And still not overly obsessing about schools.  Have to know that we'll end up where were supposed to end up!

Oh yes - and half the eucalyptus trees at UCSD fell over in the rain storms.  Silly trees forgot to grow roots!  Seriously, these eucalyptus (even spelled it correctly!) trees have thin, shallow, short roots, and as pretty and leafy as they are, have almost zero stamina to weather.

Lovely day to ya!


  1. hey girl! been thinking of y'all. any news yet?

    oh, and i gained at least 5 lbs over christmas too!