January 3, 2010

Happy Christmas to me ~ ~

All I want for Christmas is.....

The laundry done, folded, and put away.  Lame, oh lame am I.

This year, it was so nutso busy that about two days before we were supposed to leave for the last half of December, I had a meltdown about the list of 20 or so vital must-do things to take care of before we left. So, figuring I liked sanity more than money this year, I assigned about four of them to husband, then found a housekeeper-person, who in this case was a 24 year old guy who was out of work (unexpected!) who came and helped me get the house in order, the laundry folded, and everything done way better than I've ever done it myself.  

I left with a clean house and am home yesterday to a clean house, which is glorious in it of itself- going back to work tomorrow with the house in order is just a breath of fresh air. Have you ever came home from a trip, had to immediately get back to normal work schedule, then came home and had to do laundry all night? Tomorrow, I figure I'll brilliantly slog off to work (showered?) and smilingly get through the day and enjoy it to the best my tattered sleep schedule will allow (a week of Hawaii time followed by a week of Texas time) and do it all with a laid back sense of humor.  Why the $*@# not, right!

Best Christmas present? Holiday memories? You?

Happy Monday is Tomorrow and the Holidays Are Over till Memorial Day. :)

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