December 14, 2009

Funny, not funny, depressing, hilarious.

Dear reader,

Are you searching for that perfect gift for that special someone who has everything?  Allow me to fix your problem!  

I tend to start a decent percentage of sentences with the phrase, "so, I was reading this article, and ....", with the .... meaning my opinion of the article.

So, I was reading this article today, a reminder of a subject near and dear to my heart - the sticky subject of loneliness. More studies and research are emerging to state something patently obvious – people, and a lot of them, are lonely. There are people in this world who will have to endure another lonely, painful Christmas/holiday season. The holidays (two full months of them, thanks to you lovely freakin' retailers) can bring reminders of the best of times and the worst of times.

You ever had something you cared about, but didn’t know what to do about it? This whole loneliness thing is one of those for me. I want to give everyone in this world a friend, or ten of em. But realistically, I figure I can only do so much. I can forgive, extend mercy, don't forget those with less than me, pause and consider the world around me and the suffering that is ever present. I can try to be more aware of people where you I to church, when I’m at a work meeting, and see folks who are by themselves -they might be alone because they really, really like hearing the sound of their own thoughts echoing in their head, or they just wish that someone would just notice them.

Yes folks, I've been the kid on the playground with no friends, sitting at the lunch table alone. I've been at church and didn't seem to be seen by anyone. I've been in work situations where I seemed irrelevant. I'm sure you could think of times when it's happened to you. I guess what I’m realizing is that Christmas and the holidays are the season that gives humanity the excuse to love and be unexpectedly generous.

I just got to tell someone that I cared for very much, that caused me some hurt, that all has been forgiven. It was the greatest feeling of joy and freedom I've felt in a long time. Life is too short to cling to bitterness if there’s a way to forgive. As my husband says, "unforgiveness (or bitterness or anger) is like wishing someone harm but you're drinking the poison" or something like that. You get the picture.

And, because here I go taking things so seriously again (dang it!!), a bit of hilarity. My current favorite video, in commemoration of the strangest Christmas I'll ever have (more on that later!) -

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Does Weather in Hawaii

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